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Aug 30, 2019

Topic - 2 Reasons Not To Leave Bottled Water In Your Car

Bottled water.  It’s everywhere and while we should be drinking more water than we do, it’s those plastic bottles that worry us.  The thinking is that both very hot and very cold weather creates problems for the bottles.  Scientists are still arguing if high heat or extreme cold causes the release, or leaching, of unhealthy chemicals.  But, when it’s super hot outside and the water has been left in the car for weeks, there are leaching risks.  Besides, it tastes terrible.  Dump it out!  There’s another risk.  Fire.  A worker in Idaho was eating his lunch in his car on a hot day and noticed smoke in the front seat.  The sunlight was being refracted through a water bottle just right and the seat began to catch on fire.  He replicated the situation and found that the temperature next to the bottle was 213 degrees.  Play it safe.  Don’t leave plastic water bottles in your car no matter the weather.