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Aug 28, 2019

Topic - Is She A High Functioning Alcoholic?

Her life looks great; everything is in order.  But, she’s a high-functioning alcoholic.  How do they behave?  They drink instead of eating a meal.  They’re irritable, impatient and thoughtless if they realize they won’t be able to get liquor.  They plan their lives around when they can get the next drink.  Do they make excuses to go shopping and come home with a bottle?  Do they seem to be unaffected by alcohol even if they drink a ton?  Can they still hold a conversation and not stumble?  What about hangovers?  No price to pay for drinking excessively?  Alcohol dependency may not be obvious to that person and may even escape your notice.  But do notice.  Sit down with your loved one and have a supportive conversation.  They will likely resist, but keep at it.  Go with them to an AA meeting.  Recovery starts with acknowledging the problem.