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Aug 28, 2019

Topic - Sleeping With Teddy

You wouldn’t admit it if you did, would you?  A whopping 40% of adults still sleep with a teddy bear at night.  More than half of adult Americans own stuffed animals, so it’s no surprise that a teddy would end up in bed with them.  Amazingly, nearly 60% of adults have held onto their favorite stuffed friend for at least 20 years and they want to hold onto them forever. What’s behind this?  Adults feel that their stuffed animal brings them comfort because it reminds them of people they love or a beloved pet. Children use stuffed animals as “transition objects” that help them cope with separation.  Again, it reminds them of a loved one.  As kids become more independent, they yearn for a secure bond to something they can control and take with them.  I find it interesting, but not unusual, that these needs persist from childhood to adulthood.  In many ways, adults really are “just big kids”.