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Aug 28, 2019

Topic - The Rules Of The Royal Family

The British royal family is first and foremost a family.  They squabble, they collude, they fight back against their elders.  They’re royal after all and have rules.  They don’t vote.  When the Queen stands, so does everybody else.  Same with eating, when the Queen is done, so are you.  And just like the McCulloch family, Monopoly isn’t allowed.  The royals, like us, are way too competitive.  After the Great McCulloch Monopoly Meltdown of 1996, we gave away the game.  Unlike our family, the royals, all of them, must bow or curtsy when greeting the queen.  When they marry, they take on new names, so do most of us women!  They don’t eat shellfish when dining out and garlic isn’t allowed at Buckingham Palace.  Married women wear tiaras for formal events and in our home, I wear mine only on my birthday and Mother’s Day.  See?  Every family has common traditions.