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Jul 30, 2019

Topic - Chocolate Snorting

Need a quick energy boost?  Try snorting chocolate!  A company named Legal Lean created Coco Loko, a cocoa powder that includes gingo biloba, taurine and guarana which are normally found in energy drinks.  The euphoric effects of the powder last for about 30 minutes to an hour for the average person.  There’s been no research on the effects of this product and the FDA hasn’t approved it, so perhaps a strong cup of coffee is better to boost your attention and motivation.  Coffee has more caffeine than Red Bull or Coke.  But, Red Bull has taurine which is a naturally occurring stimulant.  Coffee has less sugar than Red Bull and is preferred as a morning drink.  Red Bull has synthetic vitamins, alpine water and sweetener from sugar beets.  Coffee has some nutritional value once sugar and cream are added to it.  Ask your doctor about the potential health impacts of any supplements or energy drinks.