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Jun 27, 2019

Topic - Why Are Some Kids Rejected By Classmates

When kids are rejected, many times it’s not about them, it’s about the kids who are rejecting them.  The kids who reject do so because they think accepting a kid will have a negative impact on them or their social group.  A method of looking at rejection called the Grounded Theory discovered that kids are rejected because they cheat, disobey the teacher, hit kids and generally disturb the well-being of others.  Some kids are rejected because of personal preferences and unfamiliarity.  Kids know what they like and don’t like in a friendship and are usually reluctant to choose a friend they don’t know well.  Kids are blunt and still learning social skills.  The little ones need to be taught how to see something positive in someone they don’t know or rejected right away because those kids might just be a friend in disguise.  Giving a relationship a second chance is an important skill to learn for adulthood.