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Jun 26, 2019

Topic - When Brains Boil

Some people don’t do well in higher temperatures.  I worked in a housing project in Philadelphia and my teaching assistant refused to come to work in June because she said that “people’s brains boil” in the city heat.  She was right according to current research that says when temperatures get high, people are moody and unwilling to help others.  I can see the moody part.  Physical discomfort makes people irritable.  The unwillingness to help others may be a bit less obvious.  We know that when people are stressed and uncomfortable, they have fewer emotional resources to cope with stressors.  They find it difficult to tolerate even the most minor annoyance.  For us humans, it’s all about balance and when our balance is off, we use our resources to regain it.  The takeaway message here is that when temperatures rise, understand that others may not cope as well as you. Avoid provoking others.  Be kind.  Stay cool.