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Jun 13, 2019

Topic - Social Anxiety Disorder Issues

Are you an adult with a social anxiety disorder?  Tired of being held captive by it?  Social anxiety disorders are miserable.  They interfere with the most enjoyable times of life, so do something about it.  This condition likely started in childhood and now that you’re an adult, you have control.  You don’t have to cope with social situations by using your “safety behaviors” of staying on the edge of the group, avoiding eye contact and not talking to anyone.  Medications designed specifically for this condition can rescue you from the tortures of anxiety while you revise your self-image and develop social skills.  Cognitive-behavioral therapy will teach you how your thinking is reinforcing avoidance so you can change it and subsequently, your behavior and feelings.  You can be comfortable and confident.  Most larger communities have free or sliding scale services.  Get out there.  Enjoy yourself!