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Jun 12, 2019

Topic - Mental Illness Is The Rule, Not The Exception

Think that only a small number of people are mentally ill?  Current data says that twenty percent suffer from a psychiatric condition in a given year. But, a thirty-five year study that tracked kids beginning at age three revealed that only seventeen percent had no psychiatric diagnoses.  Most suffered from anxiety, depression and substance abuse. Several had more than one diagnosis at a time.  Wealth, physical health or intelligence weren’t factors in staying mentally well.  Aspects of personality and temperament seen in childhood accounted for the problems. Those who were social, less emotionally reactive to situations and had higher levels of self-control as kids were healthier as adults.  Mental illness occurs in most people.  Only a few act out destructively, so the general population doesn’t realize just how many people are impacted.  Mental illness is the rule, not the exception.