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May 29, 2019

Topic - Need A Dental Appointment?  Go To The Beach!

Virtual reality devices are becoming so mainstream that they’re being used in dental offices for people who become stressed at even the thought of being at the dentist.  Not just any distracting virtual reality scene will do.  Apparently, the magic is at the beach.  Studies were done to determine the scenes that reduce the greatest amount of pain and anxiety and only the beach setting did the trick. Most of us have had a seaside experience and can quickly recall its sights, sounds and smells.  Considering that the scent and noise of dental offices rev up anxiety, being distracted by pictures that bring back fond memories can bring a state of calm.  When follow-up interviews were held, patients reported reduced stress and anxiety which should carry over to the next appointment as they’ll anticipate a more relaxing experience.  So, when you need that cavity filled, go to the beach!