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May 28, 2019

Topic - Help Them In Person

Texting is quick and convenient.  When your friend is in need or your loved one is in crisis, a text won’t do even though it may make you feel better about being there for them.  Want to do some real good?  Show up, in person.  Why?  While texting provides an immediate connection, the healthiest emotional outcome is when support is given face-to-face during a stressful experience.  It’s the visual and auditory cues that play a big role because they allow the message to be interpreted correctly.  Do what you can to help yourself in a time of crisis.  Looking at photographs or even hearing the voice of a loved one can improve your mood.  Draw on all of your resources to get through the worst of it and then, determine the best ways to get your needs met.  Let your friends and family know how to support you when the going gets tough.  If they can’t be there in person, maybe a phone call will work.  Don’t make them guess.  Tell them what you need.