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May 27, 2019

Topic - Sleep Or Diet

You have so many responsibilities.  Something’s gotta give.  Since everything important to you has a number 1 next to it, two things that get pushed down the list are sleep and diet.  My strategy when I couldn’t get enough sleep, was to eat the healthiest diet I could manage.  The goal was to control the controllable.  A research study proved that work-related stress leads to poor eating habits, but healthy sleep may offset junk food cravings.  When we’re stressed, we crave fats and sugars.  We need a plan to get sleep during these times of stress.  If we sleep, we have greater self-control and can problem-solve effectively.  In the afternoon, find a quiet place like your car or an unused office and sit still, eyes closed with soft music playing and just shut down for twenty minutes.  Disengage from the stress and have a protein snack.  You’ll feel so much better.