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Dec 24, 2018

Topic - Reduce Anxiety By Listening To “Weightless”

Music has a tremendous impact on our lives even if we’re not aware of it. Have you ever seen a movie without its soundtrack? It’s terrible. It’s as if half of the movie is missing. Music is a therapeutic tool and isn’t just for entertainment. Music has long been used to address mental and physical distress. Neuroscientists have identified the specific songs that reduce anxiety the most. The one song that reduces stress by sixty-five percent is Weightless by Marconi Union. He actually wrote the song in conjunction with sound therapists to reduce stress. The harmonies, rhythm and bass lines help slow the listener’s heart rate, lower blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol. Create your own list of ten songs that relax you the most. There are others known to have relaxing effects and you can find that list at in the article called Make Your Own Kind of Music. Create the soundtrack for your peaceful life.