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Jul 30, 2018

Topic - Are Your Kids Holding You Hostage?

Do your kids fight with each other and you end up fixing everything all of the time?  That’s not your job. 

Your job is to keep them from harming themselves and each other, model healthy problem-solving, clearly identify the rules and implement swift and meaningful consequences for violating them. 

Stay out of the madness by remaining neutral during their arguments. 

Stop their forward motion.  If they fight in the car, pull over. 

Be prepared to be late and tell the truth about the reasons why you’re not on time.  Let the coach take care of it.  They’ll run laps for being late.  Perfect. 

Be prepared to leave.  If they act out in public, take the food to go, leave the shopping cart, leave the movie and the party.  Take two cars so one parent can leave if one child is disruptive. 

Don’t let them hold the family hostage with their behavior.