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Jul 27, 2018

Topic - Things You Should Never Tell Your Kids

I saw an internet video where a 3 year old was in the car and his mother was recording him. 

He had been crying for some time and was exhausted. His distress was over pollution and climate change. 

Why is a child this age concerned about this? 

His parents created the anxiety in him. 

First thing you never tell your kids are those things over which they have no control and cannot possibly understand.  These things will frighten and traumatize them. 

The second thing you never tell your kids are those adult issues about which they have little-to-no information, experience or judgment and can only react to with fear and confusion. 

They can’t understand infidelity, bankruptcy, the national debt or diseases and disorders that affect family and friends. 

Children are wonderful observers of the world, but are terrible at interpreting what all of it means.  Keep it to yourself.