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Jan 29, 2016

Topic - Infant Gender & Milk Quality.  Mother’s milk is usually baby’s first food, but baby’s gender determines the fat content of the milk.

This is important because the quality of mother’s milk impacts baby’s growth and development.

Studies found that wealthy women with sons gave richer milk. Poor women with daughters offered richer milk. Why?

Nature invests in women when times are hard and in sons when times are easy. Whereas sons might find wives and have children, they might not. If women survive to adulthood, they’re likely to have children.

Nature decided that women are a more reliable bet in order to keep the species going.

Humans aren’t the only animals that make a choice depending on the baby’s gender and mother’s living conditions. Gray seals, red deer and rhesus monkeys also make the same decisions.

It seems as though nature has decided that men are a luxury but women are a necessity. Hey, don’t blame me, I’m just the messenger!