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Jan 28, 2016

Topic - Irlen Syndrome.  Does Jack see “rivers” on the paper created by the spaces between the words when he reads?

Do the words float off the page? Does he have trouble reading under fluorescent light or get headaches when he reads?

Does he read slowly, skip words and lines? Is it hard for him to read for long periods of time?

Jack may not need glasses. These and other conditions can be symptoms of Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen Syndrome is not a vision problem but is the brain’s difficulty with processing visual information. It’s relieved by using colored filters or colored lenses to reduce perceptual distortions.

Nearly half of people with reading problems, dyslexia and learning disabilities have Irlen Syndrome although they may also have other difficulties.

Want to learn more to help Jack. Take a self-test at and explore the kinds of visual distortions that Irlen Syndrome causes.