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Jan 25, 2016

Topic - Sibling Abuse.  Alex went to school with bruises on his neck and arms.  His 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Roberts, asked him how he got them. 

Alex responded, “My brother, Tony. He’s 13 and he’s always beating me up.” 

This doesn’t look like “horseplay” to her.  She has no choice but to file a child abuse charge against Tony. 

She’s a mandated child abuse reporter and she doesn’t have to be certain that abuse is occurring; she only has to have a reasonable suspicion that it might be happening. She also doesn’t have to tell anyone she’s filed the complaint. 

When siblings inflict emotional, physical or sexual abuse on one another, it must be reported.  This is a really difficult situation when mental illness is involved. 

Children with bipolar siblings are frequently sexually abused and are at great risk for physical abuse due to the extremes in moods and aggressive reactions of their disturbed sibling.  

Parents, tell your kids about the laws and that violence isn’t tolerated in your home.