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Dec 17, 2015

Topic - Two Kids.  When is one and one not two?  When you have one child and another one comes along.  

In statistics, interaction occurs when one condition affects another one in such a way as to create a new set of conditions.  

For example, if you smoke, you can get certain diseases.  When you booze it up, you can get other kinds of diseases, but if you smoke and drink, you’re vulnerable to yet a third group of diseases.  

It’s the interaction of alcohol and smoking that causes chaos in the body and expands the list of deadly diseases you can contract.  

Your two children interact with each other.  “Mom!  Joey took my marker!”  “Mom, tell Janie to get out of my room!”   The endless noise, conflict, and refereeing.  

One kid and one kid is so much more than two kids.  

While all of it’s natural and expected, it doesn’t diminish the fact that it seriously impacts the quality of family life on a daily basis.  Just something to consider!