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Dec 9, 2015

Topic - Changing Direction.  I’ve done everything right, but it turned out wrong.  Sound like a country song?  

Looking back, I realize there were times when I just should’ve stopped and said, “Nope, this isn’t gonna work” and moved on, but I kept at it thinking I could change the situation.  

Now, when “it” whatever “it” happens to be, isn’t working, I stand still for a bit and ask, “Is this one of those times?”  

I ask myself tough questions.  “Is this what I want?”  “Will the result be worth it?” “What should I do differently?”  

Be careful about the assumptions you’re making.  Stop.  Ask yourself, “What do I think I know that I don’t really know?”  

For example, “The kids are OK, maybe I should stay in this horrible marriage”. Really?  You better ask them.  

I’m not talking about the worthy life goals that take time and effort, except, of course, having $100,000 worth of student loans for an art history degree.  Yes, work for it, but make sure the goal is emotionally and financially healthy.