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Feb 26, 2016

Topic - Guns & Suicide.  A whopping 64% of suicides in the US since 2012 have been committed using guns.

This has been steadily increasing since 2006. If you have a depressed family member or friend, secure your guns.

11% of Americans will have major depressive disorder during their teens. 3% will suffer from very...

Feb 25, 2016

Topic - Exercise and Cognitive Functioning.  Recess is nearly non-existent in schools today. No wonder kids are struggling with attention and dealing with anxiety.

When I was in elementary school in the early-to-mid 60’s, we had a PE teacher, art, music and science teachers.

In PE, we learned physical skills as well...

Feb 24, 2016

Topic - Preschool Temper Tantrums.  Ah yes, the terrible twos. Characterized by complete mastery of the word “no” and temper tantrums.

You actually begin to look forward to their 3rd birthday because just maybe some of this behavior will slow down.

Well, you’re right, it’s supposed to get easier. If the...

Feb 23, 2016

Topic - Dopamine and Drugs.  Dopamine! Because dopamine plays a role in reward and pleasure, we want more, more, more.

Certain activities and a variety of drugs increase the release of dopamine. The more it’s released, the more addicting the activity or substance.

Eating food raises your dopamine level by 125%, where...

Feb 22, 2016

Topic - Fetal Memories.  Leave it to the Brits to make research on infant memories a blast.

Pregnant women were asked to watch the British version of All in the Family and laugh. Another group of pregnant women were ordered NOT to watch the show.

When all of the children were several months old, the show’s theme song...