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Oct 30, 2015

Topic - Disappointment.  Do you wonder why Sarah feels so intensely disappointed when things don’t go right and Katie doesn’t?  

We now know it’s the result of an imbalance in the parts of the brain that are responsible for feelings of disappointment.  

Deep in the brain, we have remnants of our ancient brain and...

Oct 29, 2015

Topic - Debt.  The average American household credit card debt is $16,000.  

That’s a total of $883 BILLION nationwide!  

Online shopping has had a serious impact on our slide into debt oblivion.  

When we spend cash and hand it over to a clerk, we get an uncomfortable physical reaction.  Online, it’s just so easy...

Oct 28, 2015

Topic - Soda and Depression.  Whether or not soda or fruit drinks are made with sugar or artificial sweetener, they make you vulnerable to depression.  

If you drink more than 4 sodas daily, you have a 30% higher risk of becoming seriously depressed anywhere from 5 to 10 years later.  

Diet soda has the highest risk of...

Oct 27, 2015

Topic - Getting Stopped By A Cop.  When Jeff starts driving, teach him what to do when he’s stopped by the police.  

Review the sequence of events from both the driver’s and the cop’s perspective.  Tell Jeff how dangerous it is for police officers to stop cars.  

It’s likely he’ll be stopped for speeding.  Let...

Oct 26, 2015

Topic - Ride Share Services.  Communications get mixed, plans go wrong and there’s Henry, standing at the soccer field and it’s getting dark.  

No one’s answering their phones.  

Susie’s at a party and things are getting wild.  She’s scared.  

If Henry and Susie had a ride share app, they could get themselves...