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Aug 31, 2015

Topic - Signs of Digital Addiction.  Steve is preoccupied with thoughts of using the internet.  

He spends more time playing than he intended and plays for longer and longer periods of time.  

He’s in trouble.  

If he becomes irritable and aggressive when forced to leave a game, he’s escalated to an addiction level....

Aug 28, 2015

Topic - Computer Addiction.  Ten years ago, I saw an article about the first residential treatment center in the world for internet addiction and it was in, of all places, China, where internet addiction is taken very seriously.  

Worldwide, more of these centers are popping up because the need is increasing.  


Aug 27, 2015

Topic - Four Year Itch.  Is the 7-year itch for real?  Yes and no.  

Divorces peak at 7 years, but most couples leave the marriage at year 4 while in the height of their reproductive years.  Why?  

Animal behavior tells us.  90% of birds keep the partnership going until the babies leave the nest.  One bird needs to sit...

Aug 26, 2015

Topic - Diet Soda.  The guy in front of you orders a double burger, chili cheese fries and a diet soda.  

Is he thinking he can afford a few more calories because of the diet soda?  What’s the truth about diet drinks?  

Medical research has confident answers because folks have been drinking this stuff for decades now....

Aug 25, 2015

Topic - The Power of "No".  The word “no” has a lot of potential.  

There’s the flat out no and then there’s the not taking no for an answer.  

How do you teach kids to say “no” to invitations that aren’t healthy, but to be persistent in pursuing their dreams by not taking no for an answer.  

It’s all...