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Jun 14, 2019

Topic - Child Suicide Cases Increasing

American young people and children are more depressed, anxious and suicidal than ever.  As a result, there’s been a dramatic increase in hospitalizations for suicidal thinking.  Thirty-two children’s hospitals across the US reported that their cases with children between five...

Jun 13, 2019

Topic - Social Anxiety Disorder Issues

Are you an adult with a social anxiety disorder?  Tired of being held captive by it?  Social anxiety disorders are miserable.  They interfere with the most enjoyable times of life, so do something about it.  This condition likely started in childhood and now that you’re an adult,...

Jun 12, 2019

Topic - Mental Illness Is The Rule, Not The Exception

Think that only a small number of people are mentally ill?  Current data says that twenty percent suffer from a psychiatric condition in a given year. But, a thirty-five year study that tracked kids beginning at age three revealed that only seventeen percent had no...