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Mar 26, 2020

Topic - Daycare workers and the flu

Thinking about putting your child into daycare, nursery school or preschool?  Find out if the staff and the children are required to have a yearly flu shot.  Why? Kids are very susceptible to the flu virus and are at much greater risk of developing dangerous complications.  Daycare sites, nursery schools and preschools rarely require the children or their caregivers to be vaccinated. Only 4 states mandate that children who attend daycare be vaccinated.  Kids are in close proximity to each other, they don’t use the elbow sneeze; they don’t cover their mouths when they cough; they don’t wash their hands and they’re always putting their hands in their mouths, so the virus spreads easily.  It makes no sense that the people most vulnerable to complications from the flu are the least protected by law. Make sure you place your child in a setting where they are truly protected. You can’t live with the consequences.