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Mar 25, 2020

Topic - Don’t force a smile at work

Do you work at a job where you’re in the public eye?  Do you force yourself to smile when you want to wring someone’s neck?  Then, beware. You might be vulnerable to heavy drinking after you get home from work.  You’re really susceptible to this if you’re a highly impulsive person, in which case, it takes a lot more control to be smiley.  The more you have to fake it, the more you’re gonna drink. That goes for you, nurses, teachers and wait staff in restaurants. Have you noticed that you’re drinking more after work?  Does it feel as though it’s related to more than the stress of the job or feeling negatively? It’s caused by being dishonest about your emotions. Being coerced into smiling when you really, really want to throttle that customer causes a unique kind of stress.  Maybe it’s time to get out of from behind that counter before you need bail money.