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Mar 23, 2020

Topic - Eating junk food while stressed causes more weight gain

We all know that junk food causes weight gain.  But, if you eat that junk food under the stressful conditions, you’re gonna eat more.  You’re feeding the stress. A special molecule produced by the brain during times of stress promotes eating.  It’s an ancient mechanism that says, “You’re in danger…eat! Eat!” Insulin is produced just after a meal and it sends a “stop eating” message when we’re full.  Chronic stress alone raises those insulin levels a little, but when we’re stressed and we eat calorific food, the insulin levels go through the roof and the “stop!” message isn’t sent.  If we continue this cycle, our body isn’t sensitive to insulin anymore and wants to keep eating. And, to make matters worse, we’re no longer able to burn energy through heat. Next thing you know…you’re obese!  Now that you know…stop it!