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Mar 20, 2020

Topic - Is pornography a public health crisis?

In January 2018, the state of Florida declared pornography a public health crisis.  Since 2015, about a million years’ worth of porn has been viewed and that’s on only one site.  Yes, it is a public health crisis. Think it’s a passive and harmless activity? No, it’s not. There’s a relationship between sex crimes and porn.  Now, let’s talk about the number of marriages and relationships that have been destroyed as a result of addiction to it. The impact on intimacy is staggering leading to difficulty connecting with wives and partners who end up feeling confused and angry.  It’s estimated that 56% of divorces had one partner with an obsessive interest in porn. And that’s just the divorces. No one knows how to handle this vicious intruder, but what is known is that many couples are living in silent agony as a result of this digital epidemic.  Recognize it for what it is and get help.