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Mar 18, 2020

Topic - Why are infertile women at risk for an early death?

As if being infertile isn’t enough, women who can’t have children are at a much higher risk of coming down with deadly diseases such as breast cancer.  They are also 70% more likely to die from diabetes than fertile women. While scientists cannot explain the reasons for the relationship between infertility and early death, they suspect that inflammation or hormonal disruption, over time, sets up the conditions for these diseases.  The same holds true for men. A low sperm count may be linked to a number of health problems including higher blood pleasure, higher bad cholesterol and lower good cholesterol as well as higher body fat. They were at risk for metabolic syndrome which is the foundation for diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  Low sperm count doesn’t cause these problems, but reflects a lower grade of general health. Primary care doctors should look beyond infertility to pay careful attention to these health risks.