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Mar 17, 2020

Topic - You don’t know your child’s reading level

There’s a good reason why 70% of teachers believe that parents aren’t involved enough in their children’s education.  Teachers report that 30% of their students read below grade level, but only 9% of parents know about it. Because 90% of parents don’t know what their kid’s reading level is, they can’t work with them effectively at home.  Teachers expect their students to read at least 15 minutes after school every day, but that’s not happening. Schools don’t have libraries and parents don’t have books at home. Teachers and parents say books are too expensive.  The company, Age of Learning, has an extensive digital library at very little cost to make it easier for parents to support their kids. Working with your child to improve their reading won’t take forever. They’ll become competent, independent readers with your help.  If you don’t give them a boost, they may struggle for years to come.