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Mar 13, 2020

Topic - Menopause and ADHD

By menopause, around age 51, estrogen levels drop about 65 percent.  But a gradual decrease of estrogen starts about 10 years before that.  This loss of estrogen leads to a drop in critical brain chemicals resulting in moodiness, sadness, problems with concentration, memory deficits, and fatigue.  These problems are more severe in women with ADHD. The menopausal brain has less cognitive energy and ADHD makes it even harder to concentrate and use solid decision-making skills.  Oral contraceptives taken during the lead-up to menopause help even out hormone levels and improve brain function. Hormone replacement therapy and ADHD medication may be recommended.  Keep a journal of symptoms and work with a gynecologist, internist, psychiatrist and psychologist for the best results.