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Mar 12, 2020

Topic - Swat that fly!  Don’t eat that food!

That fly was on your sandwich for only a nano-second.  Don’t eat that PB & J. Public health officials now think that flies cause outbreaks of disease.  Trash your lunch! Why? Common houseflies carry about 351 types of bacteria including salmonella, e-coli and  the kind that cause stomach ulcers and deadly sepsis! Live in the city? Your flies carry more bacteria than the ones flying around in the countryside.  That fly probably just fed off feces they use to nurture their young. Yuck. Bacteria is on every part of the fly including their legs and wings and not just those hands that they’re rubbing together in delight!  Yes, you can pinch off the part you saw them sitting on, but did they land on another part first? Don’t take chances. You don’t want to be sick.