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Mar 6, 2020

Topic - Will your DNA help you find true love?

Scientists can predict who you’ll be attracted to and they’ve created an app to help you find your true love.  They take a cheek swab and use the 11 genes that determine who you’re attracted to and create an algorithm to make a match based on pheromones.  Pheromones are the chemicals that act like hormones when they’re released in your sweat. When these hormones float around, they affect the behavior of other people.  That hot guy across the room picks up on your pheromones and he says, “Oh, I like the smell of your hormones and they fit mine perfectly! Wanna go out?” or something like that.  The scientists created a company called Pheramor. They even have a program for couples called “We Have Chemistry” which helps you understand your connection. Using a tiny part of your DNA in combination with social media data, they create the most accurate profile.  We love the science of love!