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Feb 25, 2020

Topic - Japan’s brown-hair registries

What would you do if your country told you that you had to have black hair like everyone else even if your hair was naturally brown?  One Japanese high school student had enough of being told to dye her naturally brown hair and sued her government for mental anguish. Despite having naturally brown hair, she was forced to dye it black.  Conformity is the norm in Japanese schools and if you don’t conform, you may not be allowed to attend. While some schools have brown hair registries to keep those students from being harassed and forced to dye their hair, some schools don’t keep a registry.  Some schools measure the length of the brown-haired students and if the color doesn’t change after the start of the year, they’re not disciplined. Through this ongoing lawsuit, these practices are coming to light for the world to see. Would you step in and help your child sue the government under these conditions?