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Feb 14, 2020

Topic - Good things come to those who bake

Baking for other people has tremendous psychological benefits.  There’s a connection between creative expression and well-being.  For many folks, baking is their “go-to” option for coping. Why? Because they can move their focus from their worries to the recipe.  Baking is also a way to communicate your feelings. Food, for many cultures, is an expression of love. We understand food. Baking also requires mindfulness.  Get distracted and you’ve replaced baking powder with baking soda and oops! Baking helps us to engage in the daily routines of life. There’s a social rhythm to it.  It’s selfless, positive and priceless. There’s a reason why we jealously guard our family recipes. They’re part of our history. A witness to our lives, so to speak.  Yes, you just might take Grandma’s biscuit recipe to your grave, but I sure hope you share it with us first.