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Feb 12, 2020

Topic - Husbands stress wives twice as much as the children do

In today’s society, women find themselves parenting their husbands rather than relying on them.  In fact, nearly half of women feel that their husbands stress them more than the kids. Women do it all.  We play doctor, teacher, chef, maid and all other jobs “as needed”. We’re not superhuman and yes, we run out of gas.  We do most of the parenting, most of the household duties and we don’t have enough time to finish everything, let alone have a moment to ourselves.  Slowly, almost without noticing, others begin to expect more and more of us. We start to expect more and more of ourselves. That’s because we’ve trained them to expect the impossible.  We need to get off the hamster wheel, sit down with our loved ones and begin delegating responsibilities. We need to explain how much we’re struggling and ask for their help. Something’s gotta give.