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Feb 11, 2020

Topic - Postpartum depression and the timing of birth

Would you be surprised to learn that one way to avoid postpartum depression is to give birth in the spring or winter?  It’s likely that this protective mechanism allows mothers to spend more time indoors with their newborns. Mothers who give birth in the spring or winter typically don’t give birth early and are at less risk of depression.  Mothers with lower body mass index scores and who did not have anesthesia during labor faired better emotionally. Being white contributes to having higher spirits after giving birth probably because of reduced economic stress.  This newfound understanding of seasonal risk is valuable, but it may be the case that when a mother gives birth to a mature, healthy baby, she will be less stressed. Post-partum depression is a complex mix of psychological and medical factors.  Knowing some of these factors can alert you to your risks.