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Feb 10, 2020

Topic - Is my baby’s placenta healthy?

Science gives us information about the important things we can’t see happening in our bodies.  Imaging and medical tests have replaced the exploratory surgeries of previous decades. For the first time in history, 3-D MRIs can tell us if our baby’s placenta is healthy.  It can tell us if the shape, volume and texture of baby’s first organ is delivering oxygen, nutrients to your baby. If it’s doing a good job, your baby is healthy. If not, things can go wrong fast and both baby’s and mother’s health can be in danger.  Placental diseases are rare. If they are underway, this kind of imaging can, with 86% accuracy, identify the problems very early and allow doctors to intervene. Placental disease that impairs baby’s growth needs to be addressed immediately. This science allows us to give kids the life they deserve.