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Jan 14, 2020

Topic - The unintended consequences of being a parent

We parents make so many decisions regarding our kids on a daily basis that a little brain fatigue can be forgiven.  Or can it? He wants to go on the slide so badly, but he’s only 18 months. So, grandma, you put him on your lap and slide down.  His sneaker gets caught on the side of the slide. You get it unstuck and continue to the ground only to realize that he can’t walk. His leg is broken.  You later learn that this kind of injury is common, but that doesn’t take away your guilt. Your toddler falls asleep in the car seat on the way home from the park.  OK! Right to bed for you, young lady. You take off her shoes, socks and jeans and down she goes. Later, you hear her gasping on the baby monitor. Help arrives and you learn that she swallowed the hair clip that you used earlier in the day to hold her ponytail in place.  You can’t predict all of the things that can go wrong. Just do the best you can.