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Jan 14, 2020

Topic - The stronger effects of vaping marijuana

If you don’t smoke marijuana on a regular basis, and then vape it, the effects are stronger than smoking pot even when the dosages are the same.  You might end up having short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, distractibility and vomiting. This stronger impact could be the result of heating the cannabis plant to high temperatures, causing the THC to be vaporized and inhaled by the smoker.  The higher temperatures end up causing higher amounts of THC to be absorbed into the bloodstream. Now that marijuana has been legalized, decriminalized and commercialized in the US, more is being learned about the different ways people are using it and the side effects.  Those who smoke pot infrequently and then vape, should be extremely careful of the amount they’re using in a vaporizer. They definitely should not drive for several hours after vaping marijuana.