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Nov 27, 2019

Topic - Personalities are contagious among kids

When convicts are on parole, they’re told not to associate with other criminals?  Makes sense, right? What if I told you that the same goes for your kids? New studies indicate that children’s personalities are strongly influenced not just by their parents and teachers, but by their peers.  We now know that children’s personality traits are “contagious” to other kids. We used to think that these traits were ingrained by age 6, but that’s not true. At 3 to 4, kids mimic their extroverted and hard-working peers.  Even better, they don’t copy their anxious and easily frustrated classmates. Since young children are much more observant and “savvier” than we adults give them credit for, you’ll need to be very aware of the kids in your child’s preschool.  If most of the kids are socially-developed and on-task, they will benefit your child. Foster relationships with these classmates.