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Nov 8, 2019

Topic - Is it because the gun is handy or because of mental illness?

We hear it nearly every week.  Someone is shot and killed and the politicians take to the airways and demand gun control.  Others talk about the role of mental health in violence. In many cases, the shooter has a history of erratic behavior, substance abuse, anger issues or had a mental health diagnosis.  A new, long-term study revealed that mental illness is not an accurate predictor of gun violence. If mental illness were a valid predictor, I suspect there’d be a lot more shootings. The study revealed that access to weapons is the primary factor and that people who can easily put their hands on a gun were 18 times more likely to threaten someone with that gun than those without access.  People frequently act on impulse when they pull the trigger. They’re overcome with intense emotions and don’t consider the consequences. Store your weapons properly to avoid impulsive acts of violence.