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Nov 7, 2019

Topic - ADHD medication and women’s hormones

Are you female?  Do you have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder?  Do you take medications for it? Then, listen carefully.  When girls hit puberty, they metabolize ADHD medication differently.  Puberty causes the medicine to be metabolized more quickly because of higher levels of estrogen and progesterone.  When the medication no longer works, doses are increased which may actually worsen symptoms. An increase in dosage benefits boys, but not girls.  Girls may need a completely different medicine. If you see your tweenage or teenage ADHD daughter becoming more aggressive and she starts having academic problems, ask questions.  These behaviors may be the first signs of substance abuse. Girls with ADHD have higher rates of depression than girls without it. Medication is just one of the tools. She may need behavioral support and help with time management and organization.