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Nov 6, 2019

Topic - Your body shape and assumptions

We learn a lot about other people just from looking at their faces.  Their eyes, smiles and how their expressions make us feel leave us with an overall impression of them.  Yet, when we step back and look at their body shape, we may come away with a completely different opinion of them.  In fact, the shape of their body may change the way we interact with them altogether. If you have a heavier body structure, others may label you with negative traits such as carelessness and laziness.  If you have a lighter build, they may describe you as being self-confident and enthusiastic. Have a rectangular-shaped body? Others may see you as being trustworthy, dependable, warm and shy. Have a classic male or female shape?  People may see you as extraverted and maybe even irritable. Quickly “sizing up” someone is a universal human trait and is a protective reaction to a potential threat. Be aware of how body styles might influence you!