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Nov 4, 2019

Topic - Poor sleep makes you asocial and lonely

Let me ask you, “Do you feel lonely, maybe a little anti-social?”  Want to keep feeling that way? No? Then, get some sleep! When you’re sleep-deprived, you don’t want to be around other people and that attitude is contagious resulting in other people wanting to avoid you!  You actually generate an alienating energy when you need sleep. Brain scans show that when you’re tired, you overreact to people being in your space a lot earlier than if you had more sleep. You’re not friendly, inviting, or approachable.  How do you fix this? You don’t have to go to therapy, you don’t have to exercise, you just have to get in bed. Just 9 hours of sleep in one night will help you to be more social! Turn off your digital devices! Get some sleep, and get out there and mingle!