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Oct 18, 2019

Topic - If he’s handsome, you’re worried

For decades, it was thought that marriages were likely to be successful when the wife was more attractive than the husband.  For years, no one seemed to be interested in what went on if the man was more attractive. Recent studies indicate that having an attractive husband may have negative consequences for women including eating disorders and compulsive exercising.  We now know that women with handsome husbands become so conscious of their perceived flaws that they take drastic measures to improve their appearance. But, the men don’t diet or exercise to please their wives. Be aware that these feelings about how you look just might be a reaction to your husband’s appearance.  Check your motivations before going under the knife, taking on an extreme diet or compulsively exercising. If you’re doing it for your health or sense of well-being, then have at it. The motivations have to be your own.