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Oct 10, 2019

Topic - Wash your sheets!

We can do better than this!  Are you the average American who waits a whopping 24 days before washing your sheets?  Wait! It gets worse. We don’t consider our sheets to be gross until about 35 days have gone by since hitting the laundry.  You’d expect there to be a difference between the genders and you’d be right. On average, women wash their sheets every 19 days while men wait 30 days.  Married couples are cleaner. They wash their linens every 37 days. And single men? Well, they wait for about 45 days to wash their bedding or when a lady friend comes to visit, whichever comes first!  Speaking of getting busy. Women do the laundry 4 days after and men, they wait for nearly 12 days. Yuck. Considering that we sweat 26 gallons’ worth every year and shed 10 grams of skin every day, we need to up our game.