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Oct 4, 2019

Topic - The impact of yoga on your genes

We think of yoga as making us feel healthy, but it’s also good for our genes. Yoga and meditation, called mind-body interventions, can reverse the behavior of DNA that contributes to stress, depression and anxiety by changing how our bodies produce certain proteins.  The way that the brain and nervous system operate is also positively impacted by yoga and meditation. Under stressful conditions, mind-body interventions reduce adrenaline which allows us to problem solve instead of reacting. Adrenaline increases the risk of cancer, anxiety, depression and ages our brains and bodies.  You can’t always use yoga to relax at work, but you can sit at your desk and meditate. There are many ways to reduce the burden of stress on our minds and bodies. Decide on one or two strategies and consistently practice them to see the results.