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Oct 3, 2019

Topic - Should your kids fear you?

Is it okay for your child to fear you?  It depends. If it’s a fear borne out of a healthy respect, yes.  Like love, fear comes in different forms. You can love your wife and your sister, but in different ways.  Both kinds of relationships bring meaning to life. A father might be feared because he’s strong and can provide protection.  Without this safety, a child might be vulnerable to terrifying forces beyond his control. Because fathers are powerful, with deep voices and a commanding presence, children may be fearful of them and rightly so.  It’s smart to respect those things that could hurt you. If a father treats his children with love and wields his power in nurturing ways, they learn that fear and respect are connected. As they mature, they understand that when they were young, they feared Dad and then, grew to respect him.  This insight will support them as parents. They’ll have the courage to be both fierce and loving.