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Sep 26, 2019

Topic - 60 bad days

60.  The average American says they have 60 bad days every year, and most of them had something to do with work.  However, a lack of sleep was the biggest source of misery for most of them. Poor health, money problems, cancelled plans, and feeling disheveled or dirty, especially having bad hair, were ingredients for a rotten day.  Despite being crazy about sports, even when our team loses, it doesn’t wreck us. If we’re having a tough time, we’ll eat unhealthy food and drink alcohol. Having a bad day? Exercise, even if it’s a brief walk, it’s the best cure.  Being active improves your mental outlook and you’ll feel better, too. Why? Because endorphins are released. They’re the body’s natural happy chemicals. You can’t escape bad days, so have a plan. Exercise, eat healthy foods and don’t booze it up.  You’ll get through it.